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NPRO Application



This Application Form allows exhibitors to apply for New Products Rollout (NPRO) opportunities, designed to help gain the maximum exposure for new products at ATSSA’s Annual Convention & Traffic Expo.


More information and this application can be found at

  • Only exhibiting companies may participate 
  • Close Date: The deadline to apply is Nov. 1, 2023 
  • The first 15 NPRO entries will be eligible for consideration for the NPRO Live Presentation Event and the Innovation Awards 
  • Non-Refundable Application Fee Counting Towards Full Payment: $150 ATSSA member / $500 non-members 


ATSSA’s New Products Rollout Show Area and New Products Listing

What is ATSSA's NPRO Exhibit Area?

The New Products Rollout Exhibit Area is a section on the exhibit floor, exclusive to new products submitted to enter the NPRO. Typically, more than 3,700 traffic expo attendees learn about the latest innovation during show hours. NPRO entrants will have more visibility of their products on the show floor by having an additional opportunity to display their product in the New Products Rollout Exhibit Area for the duration of the show. NPRO entrants that signed up for the NPRO Exhibit area will receive an additional 30" x 60" booth, at no additional fee, at the NPRO Exhibit Area on the show floor.

What is ATSSA's New Products Rollout Listing?

Exhibitors who are accepted into the NPRO show area will also be included in the New Products Rollout Listing at no additional fee. The NPRO Listing provides participants extra exposure by included on the meter board, social media promotions and being listed on the NPRO webpage on the ATSSA's Traffic Expo website. The NPRO webpage gives a brief overview of the product and access to the informational product-specific pre-recorded video (See Section - What is ATSSA NPRO Live Presentation).

Entry fee per product (if not enrolled in the NPRO Exhibit Area: $150 ATSSA members / non-members


To be eligible to participate in the ATSSA's NPRO Exhibit Area and/or NPRO, you must:

  • Be a 2024 Exhibitor
  • Have introduced a new product after Jan. 1, 2021
You will have the opportunity to:
  • Obtain an additional 30" x 60" booth at the NPRO Exhibit Area, at no additional fee.
  • Be included in the NPRO Listing with a brief overview of the product on ATSSA's Convention & Traffic Expo website
  • Have "NPRO Participant" signage at your booth

ATSSA’s New Products Rollout Live Presentation Event
The first 15 NPRO entrants who elect to enter and are accepted into the NPRO Live Presentation Event will have their product reviewed by a panel of department of transportation (DOT) judges.  The panel will assess the product on innovation, safety features and newness to the market as per the criteria shown in the scoring criteria table.

What is ATSSA's New Products Rollout Live Presentation Event?

To be considered for an ATSSA Innovation Award or an Honorable Mention, the entered product must:
  • Be entered in the New Products Rollout Live Presentation Event
  • Be among the first 15 entries to be considered for the NPRO Live Presentation Event
  • Have an informational product-specific pre-recorded video included as part of the entry (see video requirements)
To be considered for the NPRO Live Presentation Event and Innovation Award or an Honorable Mention, participants are required to submit an informational video of their entered product into the NPRO Live Presentation Event.

The pre-recorded videos will be reviewed by the judges using the scoring criteria - See the section - "What is the Evaluation Criteria?to narrow down the number of entrants to be considered for an Innovation Award and Honorable Mention.

Prior to the beginning of the ATSSA Annual Convention & Traffic Expo, the ATSSA Innovation & Technical Services Team may coordinate a booth visit with the pre-qualified contestants and the judges to enable the judges to ask questions and select the Innovation Award Winner and Honorable Mentions.  Selected Entrants will have two to three minutes each to introduce their product and answer the judges' questions. 

NPRO Informational Video
The informational new product video must:
  • Be between one and three minutes long
  • Be a high-resolution video with high-quality audio
  • Be submitted in a downloadable MP4 format (or provide a link to a downloadable video)
  • NEW requirement: Be submitted by Nov. 1, 2023
For examples of previously submitted NPRO entries, visit NPRO Videos.

For video assistance, feel free to contact Phocus Video Communications ( at

Entry fee per product: $150 ATSSA member / $1,500 non-member
Video production support is not included in the entry fee.

What is the ATSSA Innovation Award?

The ATSSA Innovation Awards recognize one winner and up to three honorable mentions for innovative products that are entered in the ATSSA NPRO Live Presentation Event.  Entrants into the ATSSA NPRO Live Presentation Event will be evaluated using the scoring system, which is one part of the process to determine the top products.  The judges will then deliberate to determine the overall ATSSA Innovation Award winner and Honorable Mentions.

There will be two award types: one Innovation Award winner and up to three "Honorable Mention" recipients.  The awardees will receive extra exposure by having their informational video played during ATSSA's Circle of Innovation event.  ATSSA will announce the winner and honorable mentions through its communication channels.

There is no additional cost to vie for an Innovation Award.

What is the Evaluation Criteria?

Provides at least one overall innovation for the roadway safety infrastructure Industry
  • Is the product innovative, the first of its kind in the industry?
  • Does the product provide a dramatic improvement in functionality or roadway safety of an existing device? 
  • Is the product market ready? Can it be used immediately?
Solves current issues in the roadway safety infrastructure industry
  • Is this product a solution for a small niche issue found in the industry or is it an industry-wide solution applicable to many uses?
  • Are there multiple problems solved by using this product or is it a single solution for a single problem?
Has unique safety qualities
  • Will this product benefit road users and workers in making our nations's roadways safer?
  • Does it provide a solution to a need of local, state or federal agencies?
  • Does this product address a need identified by state or federal agencies, especially in Strategic Highway Safety Plans (SHSPs)?
Innovativeness and applicability of the design
  • Has the product been designed to be durable enough to survive the rigors of road work?
  • Does it comply with local and national regulations to ensure it is "road ready"?
  • Does it function safely and effortlessly as designed?