AMIA/HL7 FHIR Applications Competition Submissions

AMIA and HL7 are partnering again to bring an exciting application competition to the AMIA 2022 Annual Symposium. AMIA 2022 is the place for you if you have to offer or are interested in an innovative FHIR®-based App working in practice!

The HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) Standard has become a sizzling-hot method for accessing information in health information technology systems. As patients move around the healthcare ecosystem, their electronic health records must be available, discoverable and understandable. FHIR® is making that possible, based on over 30 years of work by HL7 on healthcare data exchange and information modeling standards. The competition is intended to highlight the best and most innovative FHIR® Apps.

Importantly, AMIA and its partners are committed to help you make a larger audience aware of your app and thus broaden adoption. If you would like your app to be used by the largest number of organizations/people possible, you have come to the right place!

REQUIREMENTS: Your app must 1) currently be used in real-world practice; and 2) use FHIR to access health-related data.

FHIR® is the registered trademark of Health Level Seven International.



Registration is now closed.

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