General Info


Want to learn more about Phoenix, including activities restaurants and more! Check out these websites: (restaurant recommendations & reservations will also be available on-site) (get the forecast for your trip, search Phoenix)


Some of the BENEFITS to booking through AHCA/NCAL Housing are:

  • Negotiated DISCOUNTED rates
  • No full pre-payment required for hotel reservations
  • No reservation change or cancellation fees until 72 hours prior to arrival
  • Access to all AHCA/NCAL activities
  • Onsite support from AHCA/NCAL Housing Staff

Phoenix Convention Center and AHCA/NCAL Convention Hotels are approximately 10 miles away from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.  

  • Airport Super Shuttle ( is available at the baggage claim area of the airport or register online for $12 each way per person; the shuttles drop off at all many of the hotels
  • Taxi Costs are approximately $20-$25 each way
  • Metro light rail is available from the airport to downtown hotels

Photography & Video Policy

By registering for and/or attending the event, I acknowledge and agree that photographs, video, and other recording of the event may be taken by AHCA/NCAL or parties acting on the behalf of AHCA/NCAL, and these photographs, video, and other recordings may be used by AHCA/NCAL in any media known or later invented for any purposes related to the AHCA/NCAL’s mission including educational promotional, and awareness-related use. I give to AHCA/NCAL unlimited permission to use my name, likeness, image, statements and other information, I may give to AHCA/NCAL, whether through registration, at the event, or otherwise, that may be necessary for AHCA/NCAL to make use of its rights in the photographs, video, and other recordings.  


Antitrust Policy Statement

AHCA/NCAL Meeting provides attendees with an excellent opportunity to collaborate and learn best practices for the good of long term and post-acute care profession. However, by their nature, gatherings of competitors create risks for collusive or other anticompetitive behavior. Meeting attendees are reminded that it is the policy of the AHCA/NCAL to comply fully with applicable antitrust laws, state and federal. Consistent with this policy the AHCA/NCAL has adopted an Antirust Compliance Policy. In order to fully comply with our Policy, attendees must not discuss any issues related to his or her company’s current or future pricing, terms of sale or costs, strategic plans or initiatives, bidding situations, sales to specific customers, or sales in specific geographic areas. Attendees should not engage in activities or discussions which might be construed as an attempt to:


Raise, lower, or stabilize prices

Regulate the amount of services available

Allocate markets

Encourage boycotts

Foster unfair trade practices

Assist in monopolization

In any way violate federal or applicable state antitrust laws

A copy of our comprehensive is available upon request.



Mark your calendars now!  The following upcoming conventions are set and there are more in the works.  We hope to see you there.


AHCA/NCAL’s 65th Annual Convention and Expo

October 5-8, 2014 Washington, DC


AHCA/NCAL’s 66th Annual Convention and Expo

October 4-7, 2015 San Antonio, TX


AHCA/NCAL’s 67th Annual Convention and Expo

October 16-19, 2016 Nashville, TN


AHCA/NCAL’s 68th Annual Convention and Expo

October 14-18, 2017 Las Vegas