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Speed Meetings: Exhibitors

Could You Use 1:1 Appointments With 10 (Or More!) Vetted Buyers?   
If your answer is Yes! 
Your next step is the AAOE Speed Meetings Program!

Exhibitors participating in the Speed Meetings Program will:

  • Meet with the buyers face-to-face for dedicated 6-minutes at a time
  • Look at the buyers' demographics before scheduling appointments including practice size, location, number of locations, title, and level of decision-making within the practice
  • Pay a flat rate of $4,000 to participate -- just $400 per appointment!
  • Commonly asked question: "What if our company doesn't get 10 appointments?" We will refund you for anything less than 10 appointments.
    • Example: Your company has only 8 scheduled appointments. $400 x 2 missed appointments = $800 refunded to you.

How does it work?
See full instructions Here. Please watch this informational video Here

During the application process, attendees will indicate their purchasing needs/interests for the next two years; exhibitors will provide details of their products and services. Participating attendees and exhibitors will then be matched based on the information provided. 

As an exhibitor participant, your company representative will be matched for at least 10 one-on-one appointments with qualifying attendee participants during the conference. This is a great opportunity to connect with interested buyers for a chance to hear about their purchasing needs and to pitch your product or service to them. Participating exhibitor company names will be listed in materials promoting the Hosted Buyer's Program, putting your company in front of prospective attendees.

On-Site at the Conference
Each attendee buyer will be assigned to a table for the entire appointment time block and exhibitors will move from one appointment to the next. Attendees will be encouraged to provide exhibitors with requests for proposals and ask specific questions to learn more about how the company's products or services could help their practice.


Each appointment will be approximately 6 minutes long and will be held back-to-back. Exhibitors will have approximately one minute to move to their next appointments.

Price: $4,000 per company

This opportunity is only available to AAOE 2024 Annual Conference exhibitors. 


Purchase your spot in the Speed Meetings Program using the sponsorship and advertising opportunities form. Or you can contact Judy Ridings at 352-810-3060 or email