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Ignite Sessions

Sunday, April 28, 2024
10:45 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

This unique learning experience is equal parts education and entertainment! Held as a General Session on Sunday, April 28th, Ignite Sessions are designed to spark new ideas and creativity. Speakers will present on a variety of topics in just five minutes, and their PowerPoint slides are timed to auto-advance to ensure they keep up!  


Creating a Culture for SUCCESS!     

Brian Garver, KeyBridge Medical Revenue Care

Discover how to create a culture of success that produces superior financial results, optimal employee satisfaction AND drives patient satisfaction. No matter what business you’re in, your success can very often boil down to one thing – your culture.  You may offer the very best medical care for your patients with the big dollars to promote it, but it’s the people that will really define how successful you are.  Your employees have the power to make or break your brand. 

A deeply embedded culture of success inspires loyalty in employees and makes them want to be a part of a team.  It motivates people to do the right thing, not just the easy thing.  At companies with winning cultures, people not only know what they should do, they know why they should do it. 

Brian Garver is a passionate business development leader in the Healthcare Revenue Cycle space with over 20 years of leadership experience.  Brian is also nationally recognized as an expert facilitator and speaker focused on Patient Experience, Organizational Culture and Business Leadership.  In his presentations, Brian delivers actionable content with an engaging, compelling message that will inspire new, thoughtful changes within your team. 

His ability to touch each and every attendee with humor, emotion, empathy and care have made his presentations nationally recognized and highly sought after.  His powerful speaking engagements have taken him across the country from New York to Los Angeles with many stops in between.   

Brian resides in Lima, Ohio and is an active member of the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM) and the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA).  He also hosts the live podcast series… “The Revenue Cycle Rundown”. 

Navigating The Nonlinear Road to Success:
Embracing Failures and Leveraging Obstacles

Dr. Roberta Pellant

Success in the entrepreneurial world is rarely a straightforward journey. Instead, it’s a dynamic voyage marked with peaks, valleys, twists, and turns. A salient characteristic of successful entrepreneurs and business owners is their ability to embrace failure, learn from it, and use it as a steppingstone towards their ultimate goals. Here, I explore how obstacles, instead of being roadblocks, can pave the way for your success. 

Along with teaching at Bentley University, Bobby started and helped develop three companies: Bum Boosa Bamboo™ a woman ran, bio-based, non-woven bamboo company whose products included first-to-world market 100% bamboo baby wipes, toilet paper, bamboo powder diaper ointment, and early stage prototyping of bamboo diapers. She helped Bum Boosa Bamboo™ through the stringent process of becoming a Certified B Corporation. The company was vetted for Shark Tank in 2014, due to innovation and recognition in the industry. Bum Boosa Bamboo™ quickly expanded, despite only a small initial funding from friends and family, and in 2018 was internationally acquired.

Roberta Pellant Consulting (RPC) was started in 2008. Bobby has worked with both small, high-potential emerging start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. She is passionate about empowering business leaders and their teams to thrive amid change and help transform their businesses in such key areas as: business plan development, strategy, client relationships, sales process improvement, marketing, leadership development and training.

Bobby founded The Business Success Institute in 2020, which was developed as a holistic, compassionate way of doing business, focusing on building meaningful relationships and fostering a heart-centered approach to business. The Institute is committed to fostering an environment of collaboration, trust, and authenticity. Their coaching and consulting philosophy is grounded in the belief that by supporting individuals in achieving their personal and professional goals, they can create a positive ripple effect that extends far beyond the workplace. The team is dedicated to providing unparalleled support and expertise to their clients. They are passionate about helping their clients achieve their most daring goals and create a future that's more fulfilling than they ever thought possible.


Learning to Make Chocolate Pie Made Me a Better Leader 

Joe Ogle, OrthoOklahoma

My 83-year-old mom is a living legend in my hometown for her prowess in the kitchen. She's taught me how to make strawberry jam, how to "put up" corn, and how to make Thanksgiving dressing. Her absolute specialty is chocolate meringue pie and she taught me everything she knows. As I've made literally hundreds of pies with my mom, and on my own, I've learned that there are a lot of leadership principles in making a good pie. We'll unpack these concepts in a fast-paced, fun, ignite session. Attendees will learn some leadership pearls and maybe satisfy their sweet tooth at the same time! 

Joe Ogle is Director at OrthoOklahoma, a division of Stillwater Medical, as well as Director of Provider Recruitment for Stillwater Medical. He has worked in healthcare leadership for nearly 30 years and has been in his current position for 20 years. He is a physical therapist and certified athletic trainer. Joe is active in his church and OneWorld Health, an international missions group that works in east Africa and Central America. He lives in Stillwater, OK, with his wife, Seana. They have two sons and two daughters-in-law. They enjoy relaxing at the lake and traveling. 


From a Broken Neck to a Burgeoning Business 

Ty Allen, SocialClimb

About 10 years ago, I was playing a casual game of basketball with some friends when my head collided with the wall behind the hoops. This collision compressed my spinal cord and caused me to develop central cord syndrome. From there, I was thrust into a side of healthcare I had never seen before. While dealing with the trauma of my injuries and their impact on my family, I was expected to make crucial healthcare decisions in a matter of minutes. Luckily, I found wonderful physicians and physical therapists that helped me to reach a recovery-level far beyond what was expected, but locating these quality providers was difficult. Listen to my ignite session to hear from the horse's mouth about how important your work is and gain insight into the patient experience. 

In 2013 Ty experienced a severe spinal cord injury in an accident. As a result, he had to learn to walk and use his hands and arms again. During the 9-month recovery phase, Ty received excellent care from many medical professionals, but he learned a lot about the state of marketing in healthcare as he made choices related to his care. This inspired him to bridge the gap between providers and their patients when it comes to marketing, and thus, SocialClimb was born.