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Game Changers

Take a break from industry-heavy content to focus on YOU! Game changers help you take a step back and shift your perspective as you work on your own needs as a leader. Led by top-notch speakers, you will walk away with the motivation and tools you need to take your practice and your career to the next level.  

Hidden Treasures Evolved. It’s our time to SHINE!

April 26, 2023 12:15 pm - 1:00 pm
Ruschell Gladden

On our last journey, we discovered new beginnings by exploring endless opportunities and limitless possibilities while navigating through the fears, insecurities, and rejections. As we know "Their X no longer marks our spot." It is now our time to SHINE! This session is designed to empower and equip the emerging leader and energize the seasoned leaders. Participants will be empowered to develop new and innovative ways to boost employee morale by developing personal and professional growth plans. The session facilitator will share personal insight and testimonials of how she was able to let her light shine while not dimming the light of others. We are no longer hidden treasures! Now let's get ready to SHINE!

This presentation is designed to empower new leaders with the interpersonal skills and self-awareness needed to navigate leadership in this current post-Covid era. Participants will gain a leadership blueprint for their individualized success.


  • Develop personal and professional growth plans.

  • Discuss the importance of self-reflection in leadership.

  • Recognize and reward achievements and shortcomings.

  • Discuss ways to develop a positive growth culture.

  • Create new and innovative ways to boost employee morale

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Fueling Success Through Inclusivity and Diversity

April 27, 2024 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm                               
Dr. Ivan Joseph

A culture of inclusivity is a culture of high performance. Likely you’re prioritizing diversity and inclusion. And, you’ve had setbacks—and need some fresh ideas and inspiration! 
Dr. Ivan Joseph shares practical and proven strategies to build an inclusive culture. An authority on retention of under-represented populations in predominantly white organizations, Dr Joseph also speaks movingly from his own experience. He has overcome challenges, broken barriers, and led a transformation toward inclusivity in every organization he’s worked for. 

Born in Guyana, Ivan moved to Canada at age five. Ivan knows what it’s like to look different and sound different, to be a Black student on a white campus, to be a leader from an under-represented group. He has experienced the challenges and opportunities of being a designated hire. And he understands from the inside the complexities of creating an inclusive organizational culture. 

In this perspective-shifting talk, Ivan shares insights and experiences from his own remarkable story. Your leaders gain: 

  • Powerful strategies—including the Identity Development Model—to drive high performance through inclusivity and diversity. 

  • Tactics for successfully navigating the nuances of organizational decisions related to diversity and inclusion. 

  • Techniques to foster successful cross-cultural communication. 

  • Your leaders will be ready and eager to create a culture where inclusion and high performance go hand in hand. 

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The Key to Lead: Brasswork

April 27, 2024 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm
June Ryan

In the 2022 “State of the Global Workplace” Gallup reports that only 21% of employees are engaged at work and only 33% of employees are thriving in their overall wellbeing. Most employees would say that they don't find their work meaningful, they don't think their lives are going well or they don't feel hopeful about their future. Global workers report mantras such as: "Living for the weekend," "watching the clock tick," "work is just a paycheck."  We can assume that these attitudes also spill over impacting our communities, and our home-life. So, what are the 21% of companies doing right that the other 79% of companies are not doing? If we are a leader or business owner, how can we create an environment that is an affirming, validating, empowering place to be? How can we be self-affirming, self-validating, and self-empowering when we find ourselves in an environment that is not supporting those things? How can we be a “positive node” in our workplace, in our community, and at home? Join me to uncover proven strategies that you can use right now be the bright light in your ecosystem that serves to light others up.   

Learning Objectives:  

  • You will learn why 80% of leaders report recognizing their employees, while only 20% of employees report being recognized by their leadership.   

  • You will learn techniques you can use to create a workplace that is an affirming, validating, empowering place to work. 

  • You will learn how to be self-affirming, self-validating, and self-empowering when you find yourself in an environment that is not those things. 

  • You will learn how to create a positive node around you, so you can begin to “light others up”, and help those on your team, and in your organization reach their full potential.  

You will learn how to create a vision that sets the gold standard for employees’ performance while simultaneously proving them a north star to steer by, so they can do the right thing in the face of complete uncertainty or ambiguity. 

Holding the Light

April 28, 2024 8:30 pm - 9:30 am
June Ryan

Join this inspirational and interactive workshop led by June Ryan, a motivational speaker and retired Rear Admiral in the U.S. Coast Guard. During her highly successful career in the Coast Guard, Ryan was a trailblazer, achieving many historical firsts for women, including being the first enlisted woman to rise to the rank of Rear Admiral. She was also the first woman to serve as the Military Advisor to the Secretary of Homeland Security and only the third woman in our nation’s history to serve as the military aide to the president of the United States.


Join Rear Admiral Ryan as she takes you back to a chilly early morning in February 1988. Picture a distress call from a fishing vessel nearly 100 miles offshore, taking on water and in desperate need of rescue. Relive the heart-pounding moments of the Coast Guard Cutter battling 15, 20, and 30-foot seas as they pushed the boundaries of engineering and human endurance to answer the call. This is not just a story of survival but a testament to the power of teamwork, quick thinking, and sheer determination.


Join this experiential workshop and see yourself in every aspect of this leadership journey. Learn the practical and tactical lessons of holding the light. Learn how other organizations 'hold the light,' and to apply those lessons in every aspect of your life, at home, at work, and in your community.

  • You will learn the value of "holding the light" as leaders or as team members

  • You will learn how watchwords can set the gold standard.

  • You will learn how to create watchwords for your own organization and hold the light for yourself and others.


Mastering Executive Communication: Addressing the Top Challenges

April 28, 2024 3:15 pm - 4:00 pm
Dr. Roberta Pellant

Dr. Roberta "Bobby" Pellant, is an MBA Professor, Entrepreneur, and Consultant, and holds the title of #1 International Best-Selling Author, recognized in five countries for her contribution to Women Who Empower. Her recent literary work, Searching for Sea Glass: A Story of finding, remerging and fortifying Soul released in August 2023, swiftly climbed the ranks, becoming a #1 International Best Seller in Mental and Spiritual Healing. 

Bobby is not only a respected author but also an influential Keynote and TEDx Speaker, with one of her standout presentations being "I Want You to Fail". 

In the realm of professional development training, Bobby plays a pivotal role in facilitating essential boardroom discussions and offers valuable coaching to C-Level executives, drawing from her vast reservoir of knowledge. Her consulting expertise is evident across a spectrum of industries, earning her features on prominent platforms such as ABC Chronicle, Wall Street Select, Yahoo! Finance, Market Watch, and International Business. 

Bobby has been instrumental in the inception and development of three notable companies. Firstly, Bum Boosa Bamboo™, a women-led, certified B-Corp enterprise that attracted the attention of Shark Tank in 2014 was internationally acquired in 2018.  

Roberta Pellant Consulting, founded in 2008, has engaged on an international scale, collaborating with a spectrum of clients from high-potential start-ups to esteemed Fortune 500 companies. With a deep-rooted passion for invigorating business leaders and their respective teams, Bobby facilitates growth and transformation in crucial areas including business planning, strategy, client relationships, sales processes, marketing, and leadership development. She carries certifications as a leadership coach and cultural assessment practitioner, accredited by the Barrett Values Centre. 

 In 2021, Bobby founded The Business Success Institute to bridge the gap between individual development and organizational success. The institute prioritizes the development of individuals within organizations, providing them with precise tools and strategic methods to facilitate both personal and organizational growth. 

Further extending her commitment to business growth and individual success, Bobby offers a structured, proven and endorsed course, called Mastering Business $uccess: Foundations for Financial Freedom to small business owners and entrepreneurs, guiding them towards achieving profitability and business goals effectively and efficiently. 

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Learning Objective

In this dynamic and interactive speaking engagement, my primary objective is to offer a deep exploration of the top communication challenges executives often encounter in their professional journey. These include situations like managing underperforming employees, resolving conflicts between team members, and effectively supporting employees dealing with personal issues, among others.  

The session aims not just to highlight these common communication challenges but also to equip attendees with effective, practical strategies to navigate these situations successfully. Through the sharing of my personal experiences, real-world case studies, and proven theoretical models, my goal is to empower executives to transform their communication approach. By doing so, they can improve their leadership effectiveness, build stronger relationships within their teams, and drive overall organizational success.  

By the end of this session, participants will gain a clear understanding of how crucial effective communication is in executive roles, and the ways in which they can enhance their own communication to address, and even preempt, some of the common challenges they may face in their leadership journey. 

Adapting, Succeeding, and Thriving in the Workplace

April 28, 2024 4:15 pm - 5:00 pm
Sarita Maybin

The ability to stay positive and productive in the face of change, challenges and uncertain times is essential for career success. In this interactive presentation, you will learn how to stay motivated, respond to workplace challenges and rekindle passion for your career.

Presentation highlights include:

  • Seven steps for thriving on change

  • How to cope with workplace situations that are beyond your control

  • Twelve motivators that can keep you motivated at work

  • Five ways to rekindle passion for your career

  • How to communicate concerns in a way that will get the results you desire

  • How to effectively protect yourself from the negativity of others

  • How to use your “resiliency resources” to bounce back from adversity