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Pre-Conference Workshops

Attend an optional pre-conference workshop for a hands-on, deep dive learning opportunity. Plan to arrive Thursday and awake refreshed Friday morning for one of two workshops taking place 8:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.            
Add on a pre-conference workshop for $125.


Pre-Conference Workshop: Professional Satisfaction Prevents burnout and Promotes Wellness - An Actionable Workshop

Burnout is not an individual shortcoming, but a product of the system in which one operates and can negatively impact individual well-being and patient outcomes. It is critical we take steps to improve the practice environment and experience of healthcare professionals and administrators in the system. This workshop will offer actionable strategies that address burnout and improve wellness. Attendees will leave with simple, practical steps to support the well-being of individuals in their system.  

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Pre-Conference Workshop: Seven Steps to Reach Your Potential as a Confident, Respected Leader

7 steps to reach your potential as a confident, respected leader starts with the first and often the most omitted step: knowing yourself. The things we often think we are either are not actually the strengths that we possess or are not how the world sees us. Throughout this workshop we are going to explore some of the most often used tests to learn about our personal strengths and weaknesses, how we can leverage those to build an effective team around us, and how we can skew the various situations we face to lean into those strengths and minimize those weaknesses. I often had to do this in the male dominated environment I was required to operate in, but I did it daily, still do, and I thrive. These tools will enable you to lead a harmonious, productive, and inclusive team which respects and yearns for your direction and leadership.

About the Speaker

Can a woman that walked as Miss California in 4” heels command an aircraft in combat? You bet!!

LTCol. Patricia Murray has been speaking to audiences of all ages for over 26 years about how the most ordinary ideas can be extraordinary successes. She has often been told how “lucky” she has been in her life to have achieved so much, but once you listen to her speak, you will learn that it is simply turning life’s normal rejections and failures to her advantage and being ready to seize opportunities when they appear. She is an expert on leadership in high stress and dynamic situations, breaking the glass ceiling and developing positive harmonious relationships between men and women in the workplace and finding a way to win the race of life when the world is convinced you are the underdog.


Patricia is an engineer by trade but used her scholarship earned as Miss California 1992 to pursue a career in commercial aviation. She was recruited by the California Air National Guard and was awarded the top honor of the Commanders Trophy at military pilot training graduation. She was inducted into the prestigious Order of Daedalians, a WWI flying organization where she is a Director. She is also a Director on the Disabled Veterans Charities board where they award hundreds of thousands to disabled veterans in need annually.  She retired after a 21 year military career as a LtCol and Instructor Pilot for the California Air National Guard in the 115th Airlift Squadron. She flew six tours of duty in the Middle East and has been awarded five flying Air Medals. She was named the 2010 California Air National Guard Field Grade Officer of the Year. She has earned her Masters of Science in Military Science and Operational Art. Patricia was the CEO of the Miss California Organization a preliminary to Miss America. She has flown 22 years as a pilot for American Airlines and resides with her husband Andrew and three daughters in Redondo Beach, California.

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