Game Changers

Take a break from industry-heavy content to focus on YOU! Game changers help you take a step back and shift your perspective as you work on your own needs as a leader. Led by top-notch speakers, you will walk away with the motivation and tools you need to take your practice and your career to the next level.  

Building Your Team  

Billie Moore, Olympic Coach and Hall of Fame Member 

Learn how to build loyalty, day by day. How to recruit people instead of positions. Distinguish winners from losers. A tremendous amount of planning and preparation is needed to enable a team or athlete to excel. Find out how to define and set goals, get your point across, create a work ethic, and shape winning attitudes! 


Powered Productivity: Tech Tools You Need to Get Stuff Done  

Beth Ziesenis, CSP, Your Nerdy Best Friend 

You love being a leader at work, but keeping on top of everything is exhausting! The right technology can give you back your time and your sanity... you just need a Nerdy Best Friend to share the perfect tools. Join Author Beth Z, Your Nerdy Best Friend, for a fast-moving, laugh-filled session chock full of technology tools and apps that you can start using immediately! 


Run Your Own Race... Let the World Chase You  

Patricia Murray, Lieutenant Colonel 

The title of this session was advice given to the presenter on the stage at the Miss America Pageant and it is advice that directs her to this day. Attend this session to find the strength and determination to succeed on your own terms, and turn any failure into an opportunity and to stop looking from side to side along the way. Circumstances play only a small role in our potential. It’s the discipline to stay focused on goals and keep taking action while being true to yourself that ultimately brings the biggest and most satisfying wins.  


The Benefits of Laughter: Stress Less  

Robert Mac, TV, Comedy Central Winner, Speaker / Comedian, Robert Mac Communications  

Robert Mac (Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central, Dry Bar Comedy) will put a smile on your face as you learn how laughter evolved to become a natural stress reliever, as well some of the many other benefits of laughing. Plus, you’ll take home 31 stress-reduction techniques, one for every hour of the day. (And day of the week, when you put them together.) Mental-health awareness meets award-winning comedy. Free stress-o-meter for all attendees!  

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