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Pre-Conference Sessions

Plan to arrive on Saturday and awake refreshed for an optional Sunday morning pre-conference session from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Take a deeper dive into one of these hot topics taught by industry experts for an additional $125 with your conference registration. Small budget? One session is free. You must register in advance for this half-day session.

Looking Beyond Operational Data: Connecting Satisfaction, Outcome, and Quality Data to Benchmarking Results

Speakers: Bradley Coffey, MA, Manager, Data Services & Government Affairs, AAOE; Vicki Sprague, PhD, Director, Data Solutions, AAOE

Developing a single repository of operational, satisfaction, outcomes, and quality data provides AAOE with a unique opportunity to examine new performance metrics for orthopaedic practices. The purpose of this session is to identify these metrics and discuss how to use data available from the AAOE Benchmarking Results and the Data Warehouse to improve quality of care. The presenters will share ideas on how available data can be effectively integrated and solicit feedback from attendees on the metrics developed.

Registration Add-On: FREE!


Regulatory Risk Areas Facing Orthopaedic Practices in 2019

Speaker: Robert Liles, Managing Partner, Liles Parker, PLLC

In recent years, both the magnitude and scope of the government’s audits and investigations of healthcare providers and their practices has continued to grow. Now more than ever, it is essential that practices take steps to fully comply with their statutory, regulatory, and contractual obligations.

Attend this session for a discussion of recent audit initiatives by UPICs, ZPICs, and other CMS program integrity contractors. Learn how to screen your employees, vendors, and contractors against the 38+ Medicare and Medicaid exclusion databases. Learn about recent EEOC holdings regarding: Marijuana and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); the ability of employees to bring guns on the premises; sexual harassment and the #MeToo movement; transgender employment issues; and religious discrimination. Understand how these issues affect your practice and the steps you should be taking to reduce both your personal and practice’s potential liability.

Registration Add-On: $125


AAOE Rockstars: The Changing Landscape of the Workplace: Recruiting, Managing, and Retaining Five Generations

Speaker: Scott Lesnick, CSP, President, Successful Business Solutions

Today’s orthopaedic teams can have up to five different generations working side-by-side. Productivity can decrease if your staff doesn’t understand the unique characteristics and talents each person or generation brings. On top of this, staff are surrounded by constant change. Whether it’s organizational change or personal change, it can affect their workplace satisfaction, retention, and productivity.

Attend this session to learn how to boost employee morale, improve operational efficiency, increase employee retention, and improve employee productivity while creating a culture of openness to successfully navigate change in your workplace.

Registration Add-On: $125


To add a pre-conference session to your registration:

If you haven't registered:
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  • Select the Pre-Conference Session you would like to attend in the Add-Ons section of the registration form.

If you have already registered:
  • Login to the Attendee Service Center (using the credentials provided to you in your registration confirmation email) and add a Pre-Conference Session to your registration.
  • OR call the AAOE office at 800-247-9699

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