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What is the Exhibitor Hub? The AAOE Industry Relations Advisory Board is working to create a vendor community, so that no matter how many years you have been exhibiting, you can visit this page to learn something new and answer any questions. Take a peak at the AAOE Industry Relations Advisory Board Blog. Monthly blog posts will share information about how to make your exhibitor experience at the AAOE Annual Conference the best one yet.

Have a question about the AAOE 2018 Annual Conference that isn't listed below? Send your question to akujawa@aaoe.net or call 317-749-0625 to connect with AAOE CEO Addy Kujawa, CAE. If your company has a question, there's a good chance another exhibiting company has the same question and we will publish on this page.

AAOE Industry Relations Advisory Board Blog
How You Present Yourself is How People First View You...What Will You Be Showcasing?
Driving Traffic to Your Booth
From an Exhibitor’s Perspective: The Hosted Buyer Program
Booth Staff
Can a guest attend with me?
What is the deadline for purchasing booth staff badges?
Is there a negotiated room rate?
Can exhibitors attend AAOE's big party?
Can I pay for or add booth staff at conference?
Do I need to have someone at my booth during non-dedicated exhibit hours?
What is included with my booth staff registration?
How much is my booth staff registration?
Can exhibitors attend the general session speakers?
Can exhibitors attend education sessions?
Increase Your ROI
Can my company participate in the Exhibit Hall game?
How can I get traffic to my booth?
What day is sports day?
Can my company do a giveaway?
When will I receive the attendee lists?
Can we offer food and/or drink at our booth?
Why should we donate the 2018 conference charity?
On-Site Questions
Can I tear my booth down early?
What are the ribbons on attendees' name badges?
What are the different color neck wallets for?
Where do I pick up lead retrieval?
When is exhibitor set-up and tear down?
What are the exhibit hall hours?
Show Services
Is furniture included with my booth?
Where can I purchase furniture or carpet for my booth?
Do I have to purchase Internet?
Where do I purchase lead retrieval?
Where are materials shipped to?
How do I ship materials back home?
Can I store materials at my booth?
What to Know Before You Go
Can I request not to be located near a competitor?
Is there a dress code for booth/events?
When can I select my booth space?
When are balances due?
What color is the Exhibit Hall carpet?
Where is the AAOE 2018 Annual Conference?
What is included with my exhibit booth?
What is the Industry Relations Advisory Board?
What is the ceiling height?


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