Hosted Buyer Program

Because AAOE supports the business side of orthopaedic practices, the challenges members like you face when it comes to delivering efficient, patient-focused operations in today's fast-paced healthcare environment are understood. 

That's why a new Hosted Buyer Program has been launched for the 2018 Annual Conference. It's a convenient, one-stop-shop for exploring what top companies offer to make YOUR business the best it can be! This is an exclusive benefit for AAOE members only.
  • You will be eligible for special conference discounts based on your practice size.
  • Based on your needs and interests, you will be matched with representatives from relevant companies.
  • You'll attend pre-arranged, one-on-one appointments with your matches.
  • Attend at least ten (10) pre-scheduled, one-on-one appointments with AAOE's 2018 exhibitors participating in the program. 

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This is an exclusive benefit for AAOE members and 2018 Annual Conference Exhibitors. 


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