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New session formats and categories added for the AAOE 2017 Annual Conference make this conference the perfect professional development opportunity for orthopaedic practice professionals of all experience levels and roles. Whether you are a new orthopaedic practice professional looking to learn the nuts and bolts or a top practice executives wanting to gain insight into strategic initiatives, the conference offers sessions to meet your professional needs.

Read below for more information about the new session categories and roles added this year to ensure conference education meets your unique professional development goals. 

NEW Session Categories

The categories – Nuts & Bolts, Strategic, and On the Horizon— signify the type of information that will be presented during the session and what you will take away.

Nuts & Bolts – tools and resources to perform the day-to-day operations required for your job—the “nuts and bolts” you need to succeed. After attending these sessions, you will be able to apply the information learned immediately. These sessions will cover different areas of practice management including marketing, human resources, finance, and compliance.

Strategic – for practice executives planning growth and positioning, or who are looking to address an issue within their practice. Learn what is needed to create a strategic plan to move your practice forward in the coming year. After attending these sessions, you will have the knowledge and tools to go back to your office and develop a strategy specific to your practice’s needs.

On the Horizon – prepare for new initiatives that are coming. These “hot topic” trends may be frequently talked about, but only a few practices have begun implementing them. Learn about these emerging trends and how to prepare from practices who have already started. Make sure you are ready for these changes and learn how they will affect your practice.

NEW Session Formats

The session formats are how information will be presented if something different from the standard 60-minute lecture or panel presentation. Specific time blocks are devoted to Campfire, Deep Dive, and Fast Track sessions. One session in almost every time block will include an Around the Horn session.

Campfire – short educational bursts in an informal, non-traditional setting. Presenters get right to the information you need to take away from the session, offering 3-5 practical tips during the first 15 minutes and then taking questions for the remaining time.

Deep Dive – 90-minute sessions for topics that require a thorough presentation and discussion of the information. These sessions allow attendees to really dig into a topic. At least 30 minutes reserved for questions and discussion by attendees.

Fast Track – 15-minute educational presentations allow attendance at multiple fast tracks during the single session block. Each period is timed and a signal given to move to the next room for another bite-sized presentation.

Around the Horn - case studies and group discussion to facilitate learning on a given topic. Session begins with an overview of the case study for 10-15 minutes, then attendees divide into small groups based on common area of interest, practice demographic, or viewpoint. Groups have some time to analyze and discuss the case study before the presenter leads a discussion to identify lessons learned.


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