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Again this year, AAOE has selected a local charity to connect with and support during the Annual Conference. Founded in 2002, Art With a Heart’s mission is to provide hands-on visual arts experiences that educate and inspire at-risk children. The programs uniquely reinforce academics within the artistic experience and strive to instill confidence in the children, benefiting them in both school and life. Your generous support of this effort is very much appreciated.

How It Works

“When people give us money…

We send an experienced, well qualified art teacher to a school…

Where they teach fun, high quality art classes to underserved kids…



Contrary to what you may think, the most dangerous time of day for children is not the middle of the night. Instead, it is the hours between coming home from school and parents returning from work.

How You Can Help

By supporting Art With a Heart, you are helping to keep kids safe and keep them educated. Your donations will pay for materials, teaching time, and all the support activities that make the magic happen. And every donation helps:


$10 buys enough materials to support a student for 10 weeks.

$18 provides an enhanced background check required of classroom volunteers.

$30 funds one hour of teaching time.

$55 covers the cost of creating unique multi-cultural curriculum, developed in-house with new activities each school year.

$100 pays for one student to participate in the program.

Learn more about the organization at

You are invited to place donations of cash and checks in the designated boxes at the conference registration desk or in baskets placed at tables during general sessions. Credit card donations are accepted at

Also be sure to visit the art gallery on loan from Art With a Heart at Annual Conference in the Griffin Hall Foyer of the JW Marriott.


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