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Beyond Biosolids: Anuvia’s New Green Fertilizer Plant
Mobile Field Operations Solution
Partnering on Stormwater Capture Projects on Amenity Lakes as Alternate Water Sources
Power and Money - A discussion of various Energy Optimization Strategy Control Objectives
Wet Weather Capacity Analysis of “Really Small Diameter” Sewer Mains
A Holistic Approach to Watershed Planning in Wilson, Karnes, and Goliad Counties

Beyond MCLs and Treatment Techniques: Using Relative Health Indicators to Characterize Drinking Water Quality and Health Risks
Bridging the Gap between College to Career:
SCADA System Do It Yourself (DIY)
View from Washington: Federal Update from NACWA
BNR in an SBR: Expanding Your Plant’s Capabilities with Microorganisms and College Students
Design for Design-Build Projects, Providing Designers Keys to a Successful Design-Build Project
Feeling Exposed? How Arlington Water Utilities is Utilizing Geomorphology and Geotechnical Solutions to Protect Sanitary Sewer Mains From Creek Erosion
Optimizing BAF in Concert with Ozone Downstream of Softening to Combat Cyanotoxins
A Custom Fit- Tailoring Improvements to Your Wastewater Profile
Hi-Low-Hi Motor Starting - An Approach for Starting Deep Well Submersible Pumps
Building a Pump Station on the Water - Design and Construction Challenges for a New Raw Water Intake at Lake Conroe
EPA Movement Toward Cyanotoxin Regulation and Freshwater Management Policy Change
Keep Calm and Go Back to School
Solving the Mystery of a Disinfectant Residual Loss through Mixed Source Facilities – Evaluating Impacts from Groundwater
Spinning Beats Squeezing: Drier Cake and Smarter Odor Control for the Lubbock Southeast WRP
TRWD Reservoir Operations, Spring 2015 – From Water Conservation to Flood Operation
Large Diameter Pipe, Soft Ground Conditions – No Problem
Overview of the New "Waters of the United States" Rule
Planning for a Successful Primary Coagulant Changeover at City of Houston’s East Water Purification Plant
Stormwater Quality Solutions in North Central Texas - Case Studies
Don’t Panic – The SWATS Guide to a Membrane Filtration System Open Platform Retrofit
Growing the Numbers in a Growing City: Communicating a Water Education Message
Process Adjustments to Manage Operational Cost and Stability during The Great Flood of 2015
Putting the right team and plan together for success: Corpus Christi’s Approach to Managing a Sanitary Sewer Consent Decree Program
Am I making the right operational decisions at my plant? Using biological process modelng for operational decisions, optimization and training.
PIPE BURSTING – How Big Can You Go ?; Do’s and Don’ts for Larger Diameter Upsizing Applications
Zebra Mussel Control Plan TRWD
Evaluation of Scinor SMT600-P50 Membrane at the San Patricio Municipal Water District.
Inspection of a Hydraulically Complex Limited Access Large Diameter Wastewater Pipeline
Lessons Learned: One Year of Practical Experience Operating a DPR Plant in Wichita Falls, TX
Optimizing Chloramine Feed in TRWDs Raw Water Supply System
Avoid the Squeeze on Your Wallet & Pipeline: ARV Strategies
Disinfection of a low UVT municipal wastewater through a combination of UV and PAA
Pilot Testing Results from El Paso’s Advanced Water Purification Facility
Smart Water Metering = Water Education Tool in Round Rock
In-System Wet Weather Storage; an Innovative Solution to Unnecessary Expansion
Nitrification Prevention and Response Planning – Perspectives and Experiences of a Large Water Provider
Predicting Source Water Quality with NASA Satellite Remote Sensing Data
Primary Effluent Filtration to Achieve Energy Savings and Increase Plant Capacity
The Customer Engagement Path to Advanced Metering Infrastructure
The City of Sherman Water Treatment Plant UF/RO Expansion: Impact of Record Rainfall and Variable Demand on Plant Design
Water Conservation by the Yard: Estimating Water Savings from Outdoor Watering Restrictions
Meeting Potable Water Production Requirements Using Innovative Strategies - Re-rating of Surface Water Treatment Plant and Alternative Compliance Assessment
Save a River & Eliminate Septics: A CWSRF Project Case Study
Facing Drought - What to do When Current Water Resources are Fully Committed but Water Demands Continue to Grow?
Frisco Texas: A Conversation about Conservation
Leak Detection 101: The Irving Experience
Maintaining Utilities in the Face of Shrinking and Competing Capital Budgets
Addressing Effluent Filtration Needs at NTWMD Wilson Creek WRP
City of Houston 30-inch Water Transmission Main Replaced by Compressed Fit HDPE Lining
Retaining Diversity Through Active AWWA Members
Take Credit Where Credit is Due - TLAP Credit for Chapter 210 Beneficial Reuse
Patterns, Problems, and Potential for Residential Landscape Water Conservation: City of College Station Experience
Preparing for Tomorrow with Today's Advanced Treatment Processes and Technologies in a Collaborative Environment
Recycle Options for Water Treatment Facilities
Water Transmission Crossing of USACE Hurricane Levee and Sabine-Neches Waterway Using Direct Pipe Method
Arlington's ICI Water Usage Classification System and Demand Forecasting: Expanding the Use of AMI Data for Better Planning
The Hueco Bolson: A Case for Improved Transboundary Aquifer Management

Cyber-attacks in the Secure Water Treatment Testbed (SWaT)
Finding 35,000 Ac-Ft in Lavon Lake; Lessons Learned from Inland Dredging in North Texas

Funding your Capital Improvement Program in the age of Water Conservation
New Sight for Old Pipes
Maximizing Succession: How to be Ready When Opportunity Knocks
Keeping Workers Safe During Night-Time Repairs
Laguna Madre Water District Considers DPR with Help from Bureau of Reclamation
Regional Partnerships in the Houston Region to Deliver Large Projects
A Case Study of Utility Consolidation as a Means to Relieve a Water Supply Shortage While also Reducing Cost of Service.
Austin Water’s Large Diameter Pipeline Condition Assessment & Leak Detection Program: The “condition of our condition” and setting the framework for future linear asset management.
Emergency Raw Water Desalination for North Texas Drought Response
Leveraging Texas Water Development Board SWIFT Monies to Keep Water Rates Low
Implementing a risk based GIS prioritization model to optimize routine maintenance of the sanitary sewer system.
Water Supply Planning for the City of Dallas to 2070 and Beyond
Getting A Good Opinion – The Importance of Financial Policies and the impact on a Utility’s Credit Rating
How GPS Affects Customer Service - More Than You Thought!
Managing a Billion-Plus Dollar CIP Program for a Wholesale Texas Water Utility

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