Hosted Planner

A.   Each Hosted Planner application will reimburse the individual member's expenses for the following:
        1.  Conference registration fee
        2.  Up to four nights lodging (single rate) in one of the host hotels
        3.  Airfare or mileage to Chicago, IL (based on the reimbursement airfare chart or mileage up to $150)
B.   In order for RCMA meeting planners to qualify for the program they must:
      1.  Be a meeting planner for their religious organization        
      2.  Hold meetings in multiple locations
      3.  Utilize a minimum number of fifty (50) room nights on peak night during at least one event annually
C.  To qualify for reimbursement, the planner is required to:
        1.  Make and keep a minimum of 12 out of 14 appointments with exhibitors during the Expo, Wednesday morning and      
            Thursday afternoon.  
             Also required to remain on the tradeshow floor for the duration of all expo hours including the Expo Exchange on
            Wednesday afternoon.  
            The Expo Exchange will be "open" tradeshow time.  
            (Each appointment is 15 minutes including travel time.  Providing an RFP at each meeting is recommended.)
        2.  Must attend the Member Orientation session on Tuesday afternoon
        3.  First time attendees must attend First-timer Session on Tuesday afternoon.
D. Submit the following documents to RCMA no later than February 24, 2017:
      1. The completed Planner Scholarship Form (you'll receive a copy of this form upon check-in at the conference)
      2. Copy of hotel room bill
      3. Copy of airline ticket or mileage statement
Your opportunity to participate in the 2017 Emerge conference and tradeshow is dependent upon our faithful sponsors and suppliers and their willingness to help underwrite a promotion of your cost to attend. Good stewardship requires your support and gratitude to them. Please show your support by participating in the tradeshow by visiting suppliers whether or not you are participating in the appointment process.
Click HERE to view 2017 Emerge Conference Travel Reimbursement Chart.
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