479 What Do Genealogists Really Want from a Public Library? - PROGRAM
Venue: Indiana Convention Center
Room: Wabash Ballroom 1

Genealogists love public libraries as treasure troves of local history, especially as many libraries are digitizing their special collections. But all too often genealogical researchers aren’t finding the gems in library collections. Why not? And what else can librarians offer them? Come hear what genealogists really want from libraries--from a certified genealogist. And find out what a township library system and a national research collection have done to meet genealogists’ needs.

Objective 1:
At the end of this session, participants will know what global library resources and local collection options are available and helpful to genealogists.
Objective 2:
At the end of this session, participants will understand the genealogist perspective more fully, and better appreciate their unique needs and viewpoint.
Objective 3:
At the end of this session,participants will learn what steps they can take within their own library to be even more helpful for genealogists and how to make additional genealogical resources available.
Mr. Steve Fox
Mr. Curt Witcher
Ms. CIndy Cunningham
Ms. Reann Poray
Barbara Renick