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NCBMP Conference Schedule


Wednesday, November 29
9:00 AM   10:15 AM NCBMP Board Meeting  
10:00 AM   4:00 PM Conference Registration Grand Ballroom Foyer
      Brought to you by our friends at eShow  
10:30 AM   4:00 PM Attendee Lounge and Cyber Café Grand Ballroom Foyer
      The NCBMP Cyber Café will provide attendees with the opportunity to keep their offices running while experiencing COALITION.   
10:30 AM   11:30 AM NCBMP Committee Meetings 2nd Floor
      NCBMP committees are an excellent way to network and share your expertise with other industry professionals. Committee participation is open to every member.  
2:00 PM   3:30 PM NCBMP Leadership Institute Room 203
      The NCBMP Leadership Institute will educate both meeting planners and suppliers in key areas to prepare them for their next position.  The sessions will touch a variety of areas including presentation skills, professional etiquette, public speaking, as well as interviewing skills.  
2:30 PM   4:30 PM Board Interviews  
3:00 PM   4:00 PM Young Professionals Mentor Orientation Room 202
      Mentors are essential to making the NCBMP Young Professional program a memorable and engaging experience for students.  APPLY TODAY  
4:00 PM   5:30 PM New Members Orientation Oakland
      The Member Orientation is designed to engage, inform, inspire, and mentor new members into lifelong members.  COALITION is a Culture.  Allow us to help you navigate.  
4:00 PM   5:30 PM Young Professionals Orientation/ Mentor Match Oakland
5:30 PM   6:30 PM Chairman’s Reception (By Invitation Only) Skyline
      This invitation-only reception offers a special welcome to NCBMP Sponsors, hosted planners and new members.   It offers a relaxed and intimate atmosphere for conversation and networking before the excitement of  COALITION 2017.  
6:30 PM     Shuttle Departure 10th Street Entrance
7:00 PM   10:00 PM Opening Celebration: Registered Attendees Only Plank (off-site)
      What better way to start the conference than an evening of food, drinks and relaxed conversation with your Coalition family!  


Thursday, November 30
7:30 AM   4:00 PM Conference Registration Grand Ballroom Foyer
7:30 AM   4:00 PM Attendee Lounge and Cyber Café Grand Ballroom Foyer
7:45 AM   8:15 AM “VIP” Planner Breakfast  (Meeting Planners Only) Skyline
      Calling all Meeting Planners!  Join us as we start the day with a VIP breakfast designed especially for you complete with four fabulous attendance prizes.  
8:15 AM   9:15 AM “VIP” City Presentations (Meeting Planners Only) Skyline
8:00 AM   8:30 AM Young Professionals Breakfast  Room 202
8:30 AM   9:30 AM Nominating Committee Review Confidential
9:30 AM   11:00 AM COALITION 2017 PRESENTS: Game Changers Grand Ballroom
      Every industry experiences great leaders who Change the Game.  Visionaries who experience something so big and so impactful it literally changes the landscape - it’s what we call a “Game Changer.” These extraordinary icons experience an ah-ha moment where they see something others don’t. It’s the transformational magic that takes organizations from ordinary to extroidinary, a concept, an idea, a procedure that effects a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking ... A Coalition Game Changer.    
11:30 AM   12:45 PM NCBMP Leadership Institute Training Room 203
11:30 AM   12:45 PM Breakout Sessions Oakland & California
1:00 PM   2:45 PM Keynote Luncheon Grand Ballroom
3:00 PM   4:15 PM Peer to Peer Sessions Oakland & California
      Sister to Sistah:  For Women Only
My Brother's Keeper: For Men Only
3:00 PM   5:00 PM Student Roll Call and Review Room 202
5:30 PM     Client Destination Dine-around Offsite
      NCBMP is proud to announce the return of the Client Dine Around!   Suppliers, This experience offers a unique opportunity to have one on e one networking with key industry leaders while savoring the best dining in Oakland!  Iconic dining experiences have been provided for your convenience.  Suppliers click here for a list of Oakland's finest!  Oakland Dine Around Options    
8:00 PM   10:00 PM NCBMP After Hours Era Art Bar
      Join us after the dine around for NCBMP After Hours.   


Friday, December 1
7:30 AM   8:30 AM Board Meeting  
8:00 AM   4:00 PM Conference Registration Grand Ballroom Foyer
8:00 AM   4:00 PM Attendee Lounge and Cyber Café Grand Ballroom Foyer

The NCBMP Cyber Cafe will provide attendees the opportunity to keep their offices running while experiencing COALITION.  
9:00 AM   9:45 AM Annual Business Meeting Breakfast Grand Ballroom
      NCBMP hosts its annual business breakfast meeting. The meeting will be open to all members. During the meeting, attendees will have the opportunity to hear about NCBMP's development and activities, as well as give input on key issues.
This event is f
or Members Only
10:00 AM   11:15 AM General Session Grand Ballroom
11:30 AM   12:15 AM Breakout Sessions Oakland & California
1:00 PM   2:15 PM General Session Luncheon Grand Ballroom
2:30 PM   3:45 PM Breakout Sessions Oakland & California
2:30 PM   3:30 PM Board Meeting  
4:00 PM   6:30 PM NCBMP Business Exchange Junior Ballroom
      The NCBMP Business Exchange, A Reverse Trade Show, allows planners, suppliers, and service providers to meet one on one for "speed dating" sessions in a high energy environment.    
7:30 PM   10:30 PM NCBMP PRESENTS: "The All BLACK Party" Grand Ballroom
      In Oakland, the Birthplace of the Black Panther Movement, BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!  Leave your colorful attire at home, this year NCBMP is celebrating with an All Black Party!  Come prepared to enjoy a laid back evening complete with an amazing DJ, food stations fit for foodies and an atmosphere set for great time!  This will be a VIP event.  We are giving you plenty of time so grab your ALL BLACK ATTIRE and meet us on the dance floor!   


Saturday, December 2
9:00 AM   10:30 AM Closing Brunch Grand Ballroom
      Our Annual Meeting concludes with a delicious brunch celebrating our 2017 Industry Leaders. Come early and stay late    installation of new Board Officers and the presentation of the 2017 Award Honorees.  Be sure to stay until the end for a chance to win a free 2018 Annual Meeting registration and hotel stay, plus other exciting prizes.  
10:30 AM   11:30 AM Board Closing Meeting  
12:30 PM     Explore Oakland! 10th Street Entrance
      Double-decker buses and tourist traps are the last things you’ll find in Oakland. Here, travelers will get a taste of Oakland’s authentic soul as Oaklanders take their pride to the streets. Sure, Oakland has great museums and city parks. But when you are in the mood for a different take on the other side of the bay, one that spotlights Oakland in a new way, join NCBMP after the closing brunch. Surprises are in store!  


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