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Conference Handouts

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Social Media in Library Government: Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin
E-Book 'em, Danno: Collection Development for Your Library’s Fastest Growing Format Powerpoint

Teacher Programs: Moving You Community Forward through Continuing Education Opportunities Powerpoint
The Power of Play
Aim Younger! Babies Are Summer Readers Too!

Build a Digital Media Lab
Delivering on YES! Powerpoint
Fantastic (and Free!) Cataloging Tools
GenLit: building a collection for 20- and 30-somethings

Sex and the Library
The Missing Link: Creating Unique & Engaging Services for High School Teens
Civility, Free Expression and Democracy: A Community Dialogue
Early Childhood Success Powerpoint

Human-Centered Librarianship Powerpoint
Mad About Science: Creating Science Programs @ Your Library

Wait A Minute, How Many Months? Getting Ready Now that RDA's Almost Here Powerpoint

How Libraries Beat Redbox and Netflix
Intellectual Freedom: A Reality Check

The Books of the Year!
Giving Focus to Your Marketing Vision
Libraries and Green Space: Incorporating the Outdoors
The Embedded Reference Librarian: The Prospects for a Statewide 211 in Illinois Powerpoint
Personal Devices in the Workplace
Prioritizing Capital Improvements With Limited Funding: Developing A Facilities Master Plan
Talking About FREE E-Book Resources Powerpoint
Using Sign Language to Make Your Story Times Bounce Higher Powerpoint
What Library Staff Need to Know About Social Media Powerpoint
An Overview of State and Federal Laws Affecting Libraries: What Library Directors and Trustees Need to Know
Can I Have Your Job Description? The Growing Role of Tech-Focused Librarians

Master the Message: The Art of Presentaining
Resource Sharing: Strategic Directions Statewide Powerpoint
Trustee 101: Library Orientation for Directors and Boards
Where Are the Princess Books?
Fair Compensation for Staff Who are Bouncing Higher: Job Descriptions, Performance Appraisals, Pay Powerpoint
Leading From Any Position
Not Yer Mama's Book Discussion Group
To Genre or Not to Genre Powerpoint

Training a Crackerjack Staff on a Peanuts Budget; or, How We Got Our Staff to Bounce Higher Than Ever Before!

Wee Be Jammin': Using Music to Promote Early Childhood Literacy in the Library
GTL (Goodreads, Twitter, LibraryThing), Reader Services Style Powerpoint
Mentoring in the Library

Outreach to Hispanic Communities
The Future is Fun! Great Technology Programs for Youth