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Professionals at BEYA

Professionals at the BEYA STEM Conference

You may realize the unfortunate truth that STEM professions often lack diversity. The BEYA STEM Conference specifically focuses on expanding opportunities for individuals of every race, nationality and gender.

  • Mentoring: Interact with like-minded peers and organizational leaders in a socially inclusive environment. Contacting other STEM professionals of diverse backgrounds has become essential in building foundations for successful career advancement.
  • Recruiting: Finding the next generation of exceptional workforce talent can be a challenge, especially when candidates are so few and far between. The BEYA STEM Conference offers opportunities for recruiters to secure the skill sets needed for organizational success.
  • Employment: Throughout the two-day BEYA STEM Conference Career Fair, representatives from organizations with a need for STEM skills are actively seeking their next rising star. Job seekers should bring their resumes and talk to recruiters, who frequently offer on-site interviews.

On-site Training

Participate in seminars and workshops to expand knowledge and skills. Topics include:

  • Leadership and diversity management
  • Personal and professional development
  • Technical skills
  • Pre-professional development
  • Government and military leadership
  • Attendees can learn about continuing-education units, or "CEUs," and professional-development hours through representatives from the Center for Continuing and Professional Studies at Morgan State University.

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