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Attendee FAQ

Are winners’ travel arrangements covered by CCG?
What if my organization is providing me with a complimentary registration?
Award Recipients
Is there a write-up on my BEYA Award that I can add to our company newsletter?
Is there a rehearsal for award recipients recognized at the BEYA Gala?
Due to an illness, I will be unable to attend the BEYA Gala. When and where can I pick up my award?
Can you tell me the difference between a Peer-reviewed (PR) award recipient and an Outstanding Achievement Award (OAA) recipient?
I am an award recipient. How do I register for the BEYA STEM Conference?
When should I expect to hear from the CCG speechwriter regarding my acceptance remarks?
Do BEYA Award recipients need to purchase tickets for guests, and if so, how do they do so?
I will not be attending the BEYA Conference. Can I give my ticket to somebody else?
Can I get tickets for my children?
Will attendees to the Modern-DayTechnology Leaders Luncheon and BEYA Awards Gala receive name badges with their tickets?
Where are my guest and I seated?
How can I make sure that my guests are seated with me?
What if I register on my own and then my employer gives me a complimentary registration?
What happens to my seat if my employer upgrades my seat to a table they purchase?
Where do I place the Discount Code that my employer gave me? And, how is the Discount Code different form a Comp Pass Code?
Which events can I attend?
How do I cancel my registration?
I didn’t add all of my sessions when I initially registered. How do I go back and add other sessions?

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