PN Creating a Culture of Assessment: Determinants of Success
Venue: ICC
Room: Wabash 2-3

In an environment in which libraries increasingly need to demonstrate their value, illustrating how the library contributes to student learning through its instruction program is critical. However, creating a culture of meaningful assessment can be quite an uphill battle, even with colleagues who are passionate about teaching and an administration that values assessment. There are a variety of cultural and institutional factors that play a role in the success or failure of initiatives designed to make the collection and use of assessment data an integral part of library operations. In their article “Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Assessment,” Ndoye and Parker (2010) identify a variety of “facilitating factors” for building a University-wide culture of assessment, including strong leadership from an implementation team, faculty education and involvement, resources (time, funding and technological support), and access to and systematic use of assessment data. While studies like Ndoye and Parker’s are valuable to libraries, no studies currently exist that explore what factors are common to libraries that have achieved a culture of assessment or those that have thus far failed in such endeavors. What are the biggest determinants of success and failure in successfully building a culture of assessment in libraries? This session will present the results of a study designed to understand what factors facilitate the development of a culture of assessment of student learning in academic libraries. The presenters surveyed instruction and assessment coordinators at academic libraries about their institutional environment, culture and support for assessment, as well as where their library is in their assessment efforts. By surveying libraries that have worked to build a culture of assessment, we have identified factors that are common to those that are making positive progress in their assessment efforts and those that have struggled or failed in those efforts. These factors will help libraries determine what needs to change at their own institution to ensure the success of their own assessment efforts. Since building a culture of assessment is something that involves librarians at all levels of the institution, this session will be offer valuable insights to any librarian involved in instruction, assessment or administration. Librarians from all levels of the institution will better understand what support is needed and how to work within their own existing culture to lead assessment initiatives at their library.

Program Description
In an environment in which libraries need to demonstrate value, illustrating how the library contributes to student learning is critical. This session presents the results of a study designed to understand what factors facilitate the development of a culture of assessment of student learning in libraries. Learn what it takes for libraries to make assessment an integral part of their operations and what you can do to help foster such a culture at your library.
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People brand new to the topic.
People with experience in the topic, but who are transitioning to greater responsibilities in this area.
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Primary Speaker : Meredith Farkas, Head of Instructional Services, Portland State University, Portland, OR
Presenter : Lisa Hinchliffe, Coordinator of Instruction and Information Literacy Services, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL
Presenter : Amy Harris Houk, Information Literacy Program Coordinator and Reference Librarian, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, NC