PN Building a Dream Team: Library Personas in the 21st Century Library
Venue: ICC
Room: 107-108

What is your public services persona? Our panel of three public services librarians will explore the idea of the library persona and how it functions within the academic library. We will apply the idea of “core competencies” taken from the management literature to library functions. Your core competencies are the tasks you can do most effectively and efficiently and tend to do with the most passion. In the business world, core competencies are related to competitive advantage and are typically referred to at the larger organizational level. In applying core competencies to the library world, they exist at the macro-level (the core competencies of your library and what the organization does well) and at the micro level (personal core competencies of individuals in an organization). These competencies go beyond the specific skills required to do a job, and we see them as closely related to the idea of library personas. We will explore this relationship, providing a framework for applying the core competencies concept to libraries and also explaining the link between these competencies and library persona. The topic is too broad to bring together people representing every possible persona, so we have created a panel of public services personas to discuss this idea from a specific perspective. Public services librarians should gain a lot from this presentation, but librarians from other sectors of the library could also think about how this applies to their work. You will meet three public services personas: the visionary, the talker, and the performer. We will briefly describe our personas and share how they fit into the work that we do. Three personas do not an effective library organization make; therefore, we will initiate a group discussion of other personas that are critical to our work. What personas come to mind when you think of the library? What personas are missing or could you imagine? Moreover we will explore strategies participants can use to discover and make the most of their own personas, from reflection exercises to personality tests. We will also share techniques for recognizing both competencies and personas in your colleagues and discuss the implications for team building, project management, and even hiring decisions. To engage our audience we will use a mix of video clips to drive discussion, polling techniques, and group discussion. This session presents an innovative approach to thinking about how an individual can best contribute to the library, guiding the projects they take on and the type of work they do. This panel should inspire participants to think of their professional identity in a new way, and think about the relevance they bring to their library and the profession. Finally this framework allows librarians to imagine a library in which the impact of projects can be maximized by getting to know your library persona!

Program Description
What is your public services persona? Are you a big picture visionary? Do you prefer working one-on-one with students? Or, were you always the class clown who loved to perform in front of a crowd, including the library instruction session? Our panel of three public services librarians will explore the idea of the library persona and how it functions within the academic library.
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People brand new to the topic.
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Leadership & Management
Primary Speaker : Lynda Kellam, Data Services & Government Information Librarian, UNCG, Jackson Library, Greensboro, NC
Presenter : Jenny Dale, First-Year Instruction Coordinator and Reference Librarian, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, NC
Presenter : Lauren Pressley, Associate Director of Learning and Outreach, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA