Concurrent Sessions

For planning purposes, an alphabetical list of currently accepted sessions and presenters is provided below. Please note this list is current as of April 19, 2017, and may change as the conference nears. Download as PDF

Added Value: School Librarian as Data Leader - Teresa Lansford, Lincoln Elementary School

Addressing White Privilege and Unconscious Bias in the Classroom: Becoming an Ally - Jody Gray, American Library Association; Gwendolyn Prellwitz, American Library Association

Advocacy Begins with Each of Us: Resources and Strategies to Foster Administrator and School Librarian Partnerships - Deborah Levitov, Libraries Unlimited; Priscille Dando, Fairfax County Public Schools; Michelle Folk; Audrey Church, Longwood University

All History is Local: Making History Matter through Primary Sources - Cassandra Barnett, Arkansas. Department of Education

App-Smashing Green Screen BookTalks, Read-Alouds & Book Reviews - Jenny Mischner, Princeton Day School

Beyond Identifying Fake News: Providing Effective Media Literacy PD to Librarians, Teachers, and Parents -Sedley Abercrombie, Davidson County Schools; Susan Grigsby, Elkins Pointe Middle School; Suzanna Panter

Beyond Makerspaces: Become Mentor-Librarians to Aspiring Young Innovators in Your School - Ruth Small, Syracuse University School of Information Studies; Marilyn Arnone, Syracuse University School of Information Studies; Lois Zachary, Leadership Development Services LLC

Beyond the Conference: Keeping the Momentum between Professional Development Experiences - Dedra Van Gelder, Charles County Public Schools; Jacob Gerding, 1982; Polly Callahan, Charles County Public Schools; Bethany Thornton, Charles County Public Schools; Carmen Belanger, La Plata High School; Sarah Gobe, Dr Higdon Elementary School

Beyond the Headlines, Behind the Clicks: Organizing a High School Media Awareness Week - Sara Franks, Louisville Collegiate School Library

Big Picture Planning in Your Pocket: Use Hyper Resources and Tips from District Librarians to Plan Your Entire School Year - Regina Powers, Anaheim Union High School District; Tamara Davis, Santa Ana Unified School District

Biology and Book Trailers - Increasing Literacy, Learning, and Real World Connections in Science Classes - Dana Kepler, 1959; Jennifer Damti, Park Hill High School

Broadening Your Library's Horizons: Exploring the Physical and Virtual Spaces - Margaux DelGuidice-Calemmo, Garden City High School; Rose Luna, Freeport High School

Build Your Own and Your Students’ Global Personal Learning Networks with Twitter - Jane Lofton, Retired; Katie McNamara, North High School

Building a Reading Community: Speed Dating with Ideas You Can Use Tomorrow (a New Idea Every Minute!) - Leslie Preddy, Perry Meridian Middle School

Close Reading with Historical Newspapers - Tom Bober, RM Captain School

Collaborate for Powerful Teaching and Learning in History and Language Arts - Nancy Noyes Silcox, Alexandria City Public Schools (Retired); Linda Mitchell, Prince William County Schools

Combating Plagiarism: Building Digital Citizenship - Michael-Brian Ogawa, University of Hawaii; Patricia Louis, Kamehameha Schools

Connecting Fire: Using Pop Fiction and Classics to Connect to Real History and Current Events - Sarah Justice, Rosman Middle and High School

Connecting to the Curriculum through Native American Literature with a Focus on the American Indian Youth Literature Award - Deborah Parrott, East Tennessee State University; Renee' Lyons, East Tennessee State University

Considering Evidence: Using Logical Fallacies and Close Reading to Build Critical Thinking - Jole Seroff, Castilleja School; Tasha Bergson-Michelson, Castilleja School

Cosplay MakerSpaces - Diana Maliszewski, Agnes Macphail P.S. - Toronto District School Board; Mary Maliszewski

Creating a Personalized Learning Environment with Badges and Problem Solving - Barbara Johnson, Jack Jackter Intermediate School

Creating Something from Nothing - Rebekah Ellis, L&N STEM Academy

Cultivating a Community of Readers: Literary Programming Ideas to Cajole, Challenge, and Engage Students - Annie Ruefle, Columbus School for Girls

Data @ Your Fingertips: Formative Assessment for the School Library - Rene Burress, University of Central Missouri

Data Visualization Strategies For The Age of “Fake News” - Kristin Fontichiaro, University of Michigan; Melissa P. Johnston, University of West Georgia; Tasha Bergson-Michelson, Castilleja School; Jo Angela Oehrli, University of Michigan Library; Tyler Hoff, University of Michigan School of Information

Design Thinking in the School Library - Brigeen Radoicich Houghton, Office of Fresno County Superintendent of Schools

Digiwise: Citizenship for the 21st Century - Jennifer Siderius, New Market Elementary School; April Wathen, G.W. Carver Elementary School; Laura Hicks, Frederick High School

DiscoVR Beyond Expeditions - Katie McNamara, North High School

Diversity in Collection Development-Surely We Don't Need This Training. Don't Call Me Shirley! - Nichole Bratsouleas-Urias, Clark County School District

Don't Be an Island: Create Your Library Group and Set Sail for Your New Community - Sara Cook, Jefferson Middle School; Vanessa Williams; Ranell Cox; Laurie Lacey; Kathy White

Don't Get Faked by the News! - Lesley Farmer, California State University Long Beach

Empowering Intellectual Freedom Leaders - Kristin Pekoll, American Library Association

Engaging Student Citizens In A Digital Age: Critical Civic Literacy and Ten Questions for Change Makers - Sarah Levin, Urban School; Chaebong Nam, Harvard University, Department of Government

Exploration into the AASL Best Websites for Teaching and Learning - Heather Moorefield-Lang, University of South Carolina

Fake News Frenzy: Recognizing Digital Deception - Jennifer Sturge, Calvert County Public Schools; Donna Mignardi, Calvert High School CCPS

Ferry Master or Bridge Builder? - Tara Phethean, Todd Elementary School

Fiction Feud: A Book Bowl for Novel Nerds - Tiffany Stephens, Legacy High School; Sara Poinier, Horizon High School; Tricia LaRue, Mountain Range High School; Vicki Briner, Northglenn High School

From De-Silencing to Empowering Discussions about Race and Culture with Diverse Books - Nick Glass,; Heather Jankowski, Greens Prairie Elementary

From Futuring to Innovation - Miguel Figueroa, American Library Association

#futurereadylibs: Which Wedge Gives You the Edge? - Mark Ray, Vancouver Public Schools; Shannon McClintock Miller, The Library Voice

Gear Up: Future Ready Collaboration - Amanda Hurley, Henry Clay High School; Felica White, Henry Clay High School

Gimme a C (for Collaboration!): A Toolkit for School and Public Library Collaboration - Anna Brannin, St Stanislaus College

Grant Writing 101 - Debra Kachel, Antioch University Seattle; Christie Kaaland

Hidden Treasures in University Press Books - Annemarie Roscello, Bergen Community College

How Can I Lead Beyond My Library? - Mark Ray, Vancouver Public Schools; Traci Chun, Vancouver Public Schools

How to Garner Support For Your School Library Program: Make the School Principal Your Ally - Chris Swerling, Newton Public Schools; Fran Zilonis, Wellesley (MA) Public Schools

How to Reimagine Your Library Space and Transform Student Learning - Diana Rendina, Stewart Middle Magnet School

I See You: Cultivating Relationships to Grow Strong School Library Media Programs - Kristen Ziller, Pine Hollow Middle School; Deanna Harris, East Cary Middle School

Innovative Activities for Teaching Nonfiction Reading and Writing - Melissa Stewart, Children's Book Author

Integrating Literacy Strategies using Primary Sources - 
Heather Balsley, William Byrd Middle School; Kendel Lively, Lord Botetourt High School

Investing in Social Capital Counts
Judi Moreillon, Story Power

Invisible No More: Meeting the Needs of Autism Spectrum Disorder Students in the School Library
Abby Cornelius, Blue Valley North High School

Is the Truth out There? - Teaching Media Literacy
Joan Tracy, Carondelet High School

The Jane Addams Book Award: Peace and Social Justice Characterized
Renee' Lyons, East Tennessee State University

Leaders On the Horizon! Contributing and Growing as School Library Professionals
Carl Harvey, Longwood University; Rebecca Morris, School Library Connection / ABC-CLIO; Leslie Preddy, Perry Meridian Middle School

Leadership: Many Roles for School Librarians
Sharon Coatney, Libraries Unlimited; Violet Harada, University of Hawaii; Debbie Abilock, Noodle Tools; Helen Adams, Antioch University; Kristin Fontichiaro, University of Michigan; Judi Moreillon; Deborah Levitov, Teacher Librarian

A Librarian's Home Run! Honoring the African American Contribution to America's Favorite Pastime through Children's Books
Deborah Parrott, East Tennessee State University; Renee' Lyons, East Tennessee State University

Library Crusaders: Converting Nonbelievers by Campaigning for your Library Program
Cheri Price, Lyons Township High School; Ellen Lawrence; Kerrin Riley

Library-Based Theatre Arts: Using Pantomime, Improvisation, and Script Format to Differentiate and Transform School Library Instruction

Light It Up Blue: Adapated Library Techniques for Students on the Autism Spectrum and Non-Catagorical Disabilities
Heather Baucum, Fairfax County Public Schools; Ellen Valentine

Literacies for Research: Teaching Students How to Research Successfully in a Digital Landscape
Michelle Luhtala, New Canaan High School; Joyce Valenza, Rutgers University; Jacquelyn Whiting, New Canaan High School; Shannon Miller

Lunch in the Library - Creating a Maker Space
KE Hones, Stevenson School

Magical Realism Fosters Imagination and Creativity in the Library and Beyond
Renee' Lyons, East Tennessee State University; Deborah Parrott, East Tennessee State University

Makers with a Cause: Building a Better Future in Your School Library Makerspace
Gina Seymour, Islip High School Library

Makerspace Successes and Snags: 4 Professors and 20 Secondary Librarians Collaboratively Strengthen Learning through an Extended Makerspace PD Project
Julie Stepp, Tennessee Technological University; Stephanie Wendt, Tennessee Technological University; Jennifer Meadows, Tennessee Technological Univerity; Anthony Baker, Tennessee Technological University

MakerSpace Your Literacy Program
Diana Maliszewski, Agnes Macphail P.S. - Toronto District School Board; Melanie Mulcaster, Hillside Public School

Meeting a Need: "Less Stress" Resources to Share
Linda Straube, New Trier High School

The Mindful School Library: Creating Necessary Liminal Spaces for Student Learning
Wendy Stephens, Jacksonville State University

Moving Along the Stream – Adding Research to STEAM in the Library
Loreli Stochaj, Franklin School

Moving Beyond the Selfie: 21st Century Photography Skills to Improve Your Instruction
James Allen, Eminence Independent Schools

New Mexico Librarians Take the Bull by the Horns: A Statewide Initiative to Transform Libraries
Marian Royal, Albuquerque Public Schools District Library Services; Jackie Dean, Mesa Middle School; Kim Barany, Las Cruces High School

Nurture a Culture of Creativity: Bring Poetry to Life in your Library
Rebecca Newland, Oakton High School

One Book, One School, EVERY Month
Jane Martellino, Bethlehem ES

Our Story: Reaching New Horizons, Going beyond Culture
LaDawna Harrington, Millburn High School; Rachael Harrington; Dana Tinajero, Millburn Middle School

Painless Poetry: Promoting Poetry Reading through Poetry Writing
Jill Work, Stuart Country Day

Perfect Pairings: Teaching Visual Literacy Using Primary Source Pairings with the Caldecott, Newberry, & Coretta Scott King Book Award Titles
Joanna Marek, Spring Avenue Elementary School

Picture Books as Powerful Portals: Exploring Diversity & Building Empathy to Inspire Action
Julie Esanu, St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School; Meghan Fatouros, Abingdon Elementary School; Amy Blaine, Jamestown Elementary School

Picture This! Using Speed Drawing and Short Stories to Help Teens Think About Information Literacy
David Brier, University of Hawaii at Manoa; Vickery Lebbin, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Place Based Learning: Where Engagement Meets Inquiry! - Violet Harada, University of Hawaii; Patricia Louis, Kamehameha Schools; Audrey Okemura, Pearl City High School

Professional Learning - Beyond Our Borders, On Your Time, For Less Than a Dime! - Diana Maliszewski, Agnes Macphail P.S. - Toronto District School Board

Promoting Civil Discourse and Competent Media Consumers in Grade 8 through the Lens of Race and Identity - Deeth Ellis, Boston Latin School; Cate Arnold, Boston Latin School

The Power of Nonfiction Graphic Novels - Ellen Pozzi, William Paterson University; Yvonne Roux, William Paterson University

Put Your Library on Wheels: How to Create and Fund a Do-It-Yourself Summer Bookmobile - Leah Plumley, Carman Trails Elementary School

Redefining Literacy: Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable - Alanna King, Upper Grand District School Board

Research and Discovery: Synthesizing Information Literacy, Rhetoric Instruction and Critical Thinking in the High School Research Process - Susan Peterson, New Trier High School; Kurt Weiler, New Trier Township High School District 203

Research Ready? Prove it! Using Digital Badges to Measure Information Fluency Competency - Brenda Boyer, Kutztown School District

Separating Fact from Fiction: Teaching Media Literacy in a World of Misinformation - Maggie Crawford, Newseum; Andrew Lih, American University

Shining a Spotlight: The Brown Bookshelf Salutes Great Books For Kids - Kelly Starling Lyons, The Brown Bookshelf

Small Steps Toward Big Advocacy: Partnerships that Highlight Library Awesomeness - Megan Cusick, American Library Association; Marci Merola, American Library Association

Social Media for the Library - Nancy Jo Lambert, Reedy High School, Frisco ISD

Someone Should Do Something, and I'm Someone: Empowering Leaders to Empower Learners - Sarah Searles, Knox County Schools; Stephanie Ham

A Summer Reading “Un-Program” in the School Library - Jennifer Nitz, Caddo Parish Public School System; Cathy Smith, Caddo Parish Public School System

Survey Says: School Librarians Identifying Stakeholders' Needs - Maria Cahill, University of Kentucky; Amanda Hurley, Henry Clay High School

Teacher-Librarians: Oiling the Gears of the MakerSpace Movement - Alanna King, Upper Grand District School Board; Diana Maliszewski, Agnes Macphail P.S. - Toronto District School Board

TECH Squad: Student-Led Collaboration Technology Integration - Kelly Arbuckle, Omaha Public Schools

Technology + Reading Comprehension Strategies = Literacy Instruction Excellence! - Karen Reed, Middle Tennessee State University; J. Megan Carlton, Middle Tennessee State University

Telling Their Stories through Graphic Novels - Views from Behind the Fence - Karen Gavigan, University of South Carolina

Thinking Beyond the Library Walls: Building Community Partnerships and Flexible Space - Viktoria Henderson, Knox County Schools; Erika Long, Bearden High School

Thoughtful and Relevant Lesson Design and Implementation with Hyperdocs - Jane Martellino, Bethlehem ES

Three for One: Improving Literacy Skills, Developing Spatial Skills, Impacting STEM Achievement - Linda Swarlis, Columbus School for Girls; Annie Ruefle, Columbus School for Girls

Transform Teaching and Learning with Technology and Competency-Based Standards! - Deborah Ehler-Hansen, Fair Haven Union High School; Judith Kaplan, University of Vermont

Transforming Your Existing Lessons with a Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy Lens: A Hands-On Workshop - Casey Rawson, UNC Chapel Hill SILS; Sandra Hughes-Hassell, UNC Chapel Hill SILS; Kimberly Hirsh, UNC Chapel Hill

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction: Using Narrative Non-Fiction in Your Library - Elizabeth Bryden-Miller, Loudoun County Public Schools; Patricia Becker-Sabik, Loudoun County Public Schools Eagle Ridge Middle School

Untitled Leadership for the Unauthorized Revolution - Erin Downey, Boise School District

Using OER to Lead STEM Literacy & Inquiry - Amee Evans Godwn, ISKME

Using Student Generated Questions to Shift Inquiry Practices Beyond the Horizon - Lori Donovan, Chesterfield County Public Schools; Lynne Bland, Chesterfield County Public Schools

Valuing the Team in the Middle School Research Process - Eric Schatzman, Winchester Thurston School; Kira Senedak, Winchester Thurston School; Callie DiSabato, Winchester Thurston School

Vivid History: Making Historical Research Meaningful and Personal in the School Library - Amanda Kordeliski, Norman North High School

Want Readers? Engage the Community! School and Public Libraries Collaborating to Reach Readers - Rita Platt, St. Croix Falls School District; Martha Kaempffer, St. Croix Falls Public Library

Weeding for Greater Engagement - the One Who Retires with the Most Books Does NOT Win - Ann Morgester, Anchorage School District

Welcome to the Future: Building a FutureReady Program with Essential Questions - Susan Grigsby, Elkins Pointe Middle School

Welcoming the World: Growing Diversity in the School Library Media Program - Michelle Easley, Georgia Library Media Association

What Type of Leader Are You? - Hilda Weisburg, Weisburg Associates LLC

Wrangle Up Interest in Librarian, Teacher and Administration Collaboration for Teaching Information Literacy Skills - Cathy Leverkus, The Willows Community School; Terri Baird, The Willows Community School

You’re Worth It, But How Do You Show It? Demonstrating Your Unique Value to Your School Administrators - Mary Kay Biagini, University of Pittsburgh; Debra Kachel, Antioch University Seattle

"You Want Us to Think outside the Box, I Like It." Student Engagement and Guided Inquiry Design - Buffy Edwards, Norman Public Schools

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