Educational Session Categories and Formats

The AAOE Annual Conference will offer educational sessions for orthopaedic practice professionals of all experience levels and roles. Whether this is your first year in orthopaedic practice administration or you’re a seasoned practice executive, there will be sessions available to fit your professional development needs.

Session Formats


Session formats will indicate how information will be presented if it’s different than the standard 60-minute lecture or panel presentation.

Formats include:

  • Campfire – 30-minute “educational bursts” to give you the key information you need right away
  • Deep Dive – 90-minute sessions that will include a thorough presentation and discussion of information
  • Around the Horn – 60-minute sessions that will be devoted to case studies and group discussion
  • NEW! Brain Breaks– 60-minute sessions sprinkled through the program to take a break from the business education and focus on you

Topic Areas

Attend sessions in the following topic areas:

· Value-Based Care

· Data Analytics

· Patient Experience

· Human Resources

· Business Development

· Leadership

· And more!



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